EVB – electric vehiclecharging station

From the beginning of its activity, PRE Edward Biel has been involved in the manufacture of electric vehicle charging stations, electric switchgears, LV cabinets up to 6,300 A, MV switchgears, MV/LV transformer stations intended for the professional power industry, public infrastructure, construction industry and other industries. Our offer includes products and technical solutions with a wide range of applications. We fulfil standard orders as well as those outside of our catalogue, thus trying to satisfy increasing Customer requirements. We prefabricate switchgears in line with many systems of well-known manufacturers. We provide services in the field of switchgear and control cabinet prefabrication at the Customer’s request.

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EVB – vehicle charging stations

EVB is a series of innovative stations made by PRE Edward Biel that are intended for electric vehicle charging. Our stations are manufactured entirely in Poland and are an alternative to foreign manufacturers’ stations. Our stations are characterised by durability, 25 years of experience of our company and a safety guarantee of the equipment used thanks to the use of metal housings with protection class II.

Responding to the growing interest in the e-mobility market, we present to you the family of Electric Vehicle Biel, i.e. EVB.

An electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine

Electric vehicles are environmentally-friendly as they do not emit any exhaust gases, whereas the use of conventional vehicles results in an increased air pollution level, especially in larger urban areas. Because electricity can be produced using various sources, going for this type of powertrain is most flexible and safe in the context of raw material resources that are being depleted. Electric vehicles guarantee quiet and smooth driving, generating less vibration which significantly improves driving comfort.

Electric vehicles also have numerous mechanical advantages. They stand out with their uncomplicated design and achieve power train efficiency of up to 90%. Additionally, they make it possible to convert kinetic energy back into electricity (employing a braking process with energy recovery) – regenerative braking. They enable precise control over the generated power as well. This type of powertrain makes it possible to not use many additional mechanical parts which are components of an internal combustion engine car (engine, accessories).

Legal basis: the Electromobility Act as the driving force behind e-mobility

The Ministry of Energy prepared the Electromobility and Alternative Fuel Act. The Act came into force in February of this year and leads Poland directly onto an innovative path of alternative means of transport and sources of energy.

The EVB charging station meets the requirements of the Electromobility and Alternative Fuel Act dated 11 January 2018 and the Regulation of the Minister of Energy on the technical requirements for charging stations and charging points that are part of the road public transport charging infrastructure.

EVB charging stations made by PRE Edward Biel

EVB charging stations are innovative and modern devices that enable the provision of a charging service along with the charging process management system.

All manufactured stations are entirely Polish products made exclusively at a factory near Cracow.


Classification by charging power:

  • normal power charging point – from 3.7 kW to 22 kW;
  • high power charging point – from 22 kW to 150 kW.

Classification by number of charging points and capabilities:

PRE Edward Biel manufactures chargers for charging with AC and DC current:

  • with one charging point (Wallbox mini);
  • with two charging points (Wallbox 2M, EVB, EVB smart, EVBmax);
  • with three charging points (EVB, EVB smart, EVBmax);
  • or with a larger number of points in one device at the Customer’s request;
  • with the outdoor advertising media function (EVB Advert);
  • for electric bus charging (EVB CT);
  • underground chargers (EVB UG).

General information about the EVB stations

Each station is accompanied by technical documentation and a user manual for the owner where all necessary information on correct operation of the device has been included. Stations made by PRE Edward Biel have an overcurrent protection, a DC-sensitive residual current protection and a surge protection.

They satisfy the following standards:

  • IEC 62196-2 type 2 socket;
  • AC charging cable with SAE J1772 type 1 vehicle charging plug;
  • AC charging cable with IEC 62196-2 type 2 vehicle charging plug;
  • DC charging cable with CCS-2 IEC 62196-3 vehicle charging plug;
  • DC charging cable with CHAdeMO/JEVS G105 vehicle charging plug;
  • OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 J.

In the case of the EVB stations, there is no need to install an additional pre-station switchgear or protection cabinet. The station’s main disconnector, which cuts off the voltage, allows safe performance of service work. Protection class II of the EVB station ensures full safety of use and protection for many years. An efficient station cooling/heating system has been employed (heater-fan). The station’s body has been made of durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium. Each point works independently and has its own meter. Furthermore, turning on/off of the first point does not affect the other ones. Front/Back toughened-glass pane has been made of special safe glass, coated with individual graphics. The station is equipped with a meter compartment for installation of a meter for settlements with the energy operator.



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