User-friendly EVB

User-friendly EVB

Simple operation – depending on the configuration, the station is equipped with a backlit user manual found on the front panel, display or colour 7–10,2” LCD touch panel.

In order to stop charging, open the car with its key fob. Automatically locked sockets/plugs when starting charging prevent third-party tampering with the charging. Automatic unlocking when there is a voltage loss in the mains.

Each station has a dynamic charging current monitoring system. AC points have a system which controls the maximum load current depending on the type of vehicle. DC points have adjustable voltage and current intensity at the output of the rectifier system, allowing safe charging of electric vehicles.

The station has overcurrent, residual current, surge and thermal protections. An emergency switch on the facade to quickly cut off the power supply to the EVB max station.

Switching on, communication and management

Methods of switching on a charging station include but are not limited to automatic switching once the plug has been inserted into the socket (without restrictions), an RFID card, a Bluetooth application, entering a code on the touch panel, a payment card – a payment terminal and an RFID card with user billing software and implementation of new users. The station enables printing of receipts on the spot or sending them to the provided e-mail address.

Among other ways, the station can communicate via Bluetooth (Android), 3 LAN ports and a GPRS/3G/4G modem.

The station enables full power management with respect to temporary restriction on charging current during rush hour and gives the ability to restrict power remotely or measure actual charging energy of each point separately as well as send data to the management unit (station operator). Stations are equipped with drivers to support a central system of any operator – OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 were employed.

Installed local software and the RFID Smart Control system allow smooth adjustment of appropriate rates for energy consumption.

Metering and billing system

The EVB stations, as the only ones on the market, can be equipped with a metering and billing system for a Distribution Network Operator and an energy seller, without having to install a separate interface and measuring systems at the station.  The metering system is made in compliance with technical standards of an operator or a distributor.

Charging station accessories

PRE Edward Biel’s offer includes, among other things, the following accessories and installation components for the EVB charging stations: FB100 concrete prefabricated foundations, charging cables, SO vertical and horizontal protection posts and safety barriers as well as dedicated FA installation structures for the Wallbox station.

EVB upgrade

The EVB charging stations are modular stations that give the ability to upgrade them continuously with additional features such as a GPS locator, a wide-angle security camera, an LCD multimedia screen of up to 60 inches intended to display advertising content, a CityLight banner, a WiFi access point (hotspot) and communication with the emergency number (112). The EVB electric vehicle charging stations are an extremely interesting proposal on the e-mobility market.


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