Design & Parameters

Housing design

For complete safety of users, the EVB station’s housing is made of aluminium profiles with a thickness from 2 to 6 mm, connected with a specially made, safe, toughened varnished glass with a thickness of 6 mm. We make the housings in three versions:

  • non-varnished – polished aluminium;
  • powder paint coated;
  • insulation material coated – REM2 technology – protection class II.

Structural components are connected with each other in a very careful way in order to ensure high tightness. A wide range of colours allows freedom in design and free configuration of the layout of a charging station. The station’s housing is weather-resistant, especially with respect to UV radiation, acid rain, high temperature and heat, making it perfect for use in any conditions.

We also make housings to individual orders for Customers, made of acid-resistant steel, stainless steel or ABS.

Active LED

The station is equipped with internal active LED lighting, providing backlight for graphics applied to the glass front and all functional elements. The LED backlight changes its colour depending on the state of a station:

a) green – free charging point;
b) blue – station is currently charging a vehicle;
c) failure of the charging point/failure of the charging process.

Create your style

Unlimited design possibilities allow freedom in the selection of colours of the housing and graphics of each element of a station. The Customer can order a dedicated station in their company colours and one covered with graphics of their company starting with 1 piece.

REM2 – innovative technology

The EVB stations can be manufactured using an innovative technology whereby the housing is coated with special, highly durable plastic which, at the same time, ensures protection class II, considerably increasing the safety of their use. Protection class II has been achieved by complete, two-sided (internal and external) coating with an insulation material in a permanent and inseparable way with respect to the aluminium core – without the need to apply additional varnish. The station’s housing, made using REM2 technology, ensures increased anti-graffiti/anti-poster protection and an increased UV resistance index (0). Tests of parameters have been confirmed in accelerated aging and strength tests.

Technical parameters

The EVB electric vehicle charging stations meet all applicable standards and the following technical parameters:

Rated switching voltage230/400/480/800 [V]
Rated insulation voltage500/690/900 [V]
Rated frequency50-60 [Hz AC]
Impulse withstand voltage8 [kV]
Connection loaddo 400 [kW]
Protection classI/II
Operating temperature-30°C do +50°C
IP rating54-65
IK rating10
Network layoutTT, TN-S, TNC-S
Power supply2,5 – 240 mm2 Al/Cu
– IEC 62196-2 type 2 socket480 [V] do 63 [A]
– AC/DC charging cable with SAE J1772 type 1 vehicle charging plug480 [V] do 32 [A] AC / 125 [A] DC
– AC charging cable with IEC 62196-2 type 2 vehicle charging plug480 [V] do 63 [A]
– DC charging cable with CCS-2 IEC 62196-3 vehicle charging plugdo 800 [V] do 125 [A]
– DC charging cable with CHAdeMO/JEVS G105 vehicle charging plugdo 800 [V] do 125 [A]


PRE Edward Biel makes environmentally-conscious and responsible decisions. At the same time, it creates standards upon which it bases the company policy. Eco-friendly activities are implemented on many levels, including through:

creation, manufacture and development of highly advanced products taking into account the aspect of eco-friendliness, which visibly contribute to environmental protection with respect to the reduction of emissions of pollutants, greenhouse effect, acidification, depletion of non-renewable energy and non-energy sources, carcinogens, etc. We base the manufacture of our switchgears on eco-indicators (LCA analysis).

And the EVBs are exactly one of such products.


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